This ‘Maria Theresa’ project by our company produced in perfect harmony with interior design glamorized through the shining brightness and charm of crystal was produced and installed with a touch of precious embellishment in chandeliers and wall lights each distinguished from the other.

Projects in private properties have always been a source of excitement to us, because there is a special texture peculiar to each project. Like all other projects accomplished by our company, the chandeliers in this project were designed in loyalty to interior design, taking into consideration the personal taste of our customers.

Custom made Maria Theresa and Bohemian chandeliers were applied to the Penthouse -the most precious apartment of the My World project- to create a perfect match with the furniture making use of Asfour crystals.

All interior lightings of the apartment were produced by our company. The chandeliers, almost all components of which are handmade, create a perfect match with the apartment’s furniture and decoration, making a strong impression by virtue of the shining brightness of crystals and diversity of models.

Entirely handmade Bohemian chandeliers were used in this duplex suit apartment at Andromeda Gold. This is one of our most significant projects, comprising one-of-a-kind custom designs where luxury meets the classic in full integrity with the apartment’s interior design.

This project in Murano style comprising chandeliers of diverse sizes with the largest one having 66 arms with a diameter of 3 meters was designed, produced, and installed by our company in a manner to catch perfect harmony with the venue’s indoor space colors.