The chandeliers of the Haznedar Mosque were first produced in prototypes in line with 3D project drawings to ensure best visual harmony with the mosque’s indoor space, followed by the production and installation of the original ones. The chandelier comprises 6 circles the diameter of which is 5 meters in the bottom core part, each narrowed by 1 meter inwards. A total of 22 chandeliers have been installed in the Mosque.

The first steps of the project were taken subsequent to an indoor feasibility study made for the mosque located at Tekstilkent. The height and diameter of the chandelier were calculated and applied in harmony with the mosque’s indoor design. The chandelier’s glass arms, entirely made by hand workmanship, were first melt at 1200 degrees, bent and shaped at 800 degrees and then decorated with gilded edge parts.

All interior and exterior lighting of the mosque was designed and produced by our company, resulting in a custom designed unique project decorated with Seljuk motifs in harmony with the mosque’s indoor space all by hand work, like no other ever produced.

The indoor lighting of the dervish lodge was designed suitable with its interior design, complemented with chandeliers in Murano style while all glass works and painting works were made by hand. The chandelier’s tray and bell parts were painted in harmony with the dervish lodge’s interior design to achieve perfect color match. The chandelier comprising custom designed sizes and arms lengths was installed and delivered by our company.