Drawing attention with their gilts and heights, the chandeliers of Bohemian series, which are completely hand-made, were produced to be in compliance with the space and in an attractive manner, with their magnificence and different styles.

Production and maintenance of chandeliers for our first parliament which is the founder parliament of our country, was an honorable experience .Each chandelier was produced and installed with necessary care.

Having been destroyed and rebuilt for a few times until today, Çırağan Palace was transformed into a luxurious hotel and organization center by being renewed in 1990. *More banisters were manufactured and placed due to new rules brought by their building security department.

The project was put into practice through chandeliers, wall lights and candlesticks designed in harmony with the venue. Ottoman style was used in this project to boost up the quality of the building. The wall lights and chandeliers were designed to match each other. We accomplished the project with special focus on interior integrity. All products were produced in our own workshops. This is one of our most beautiful projects reflecting the magnificence of our completely domestic chandeliers.

Our chandeliers and wall lights have put a refined touch the congress hall located in the core part of Azerbaijan. This project has given us the opportunity to exhibit many of our custom designed products thanks to the large variety of different styles incorporated in this building. It is an honor for us to ennoble the name of AVES through our signature put to Azerbaijan.

This project was put into practice through chandeliers and wall lights designed in harmony with the building’s indoor space. We made best use of the classic style of Ottoman chandeliers. The wall lights were designed to match the chandeliers, aiming at integrity of indoor space throughout the project.

The Presidential Palace of Uzbekistan, as the heart of the country, was lightened up by our chandeliers of different styles and sizes. The chandeliers designed to fit large spaces have given a genuine palace appearance to the building.

The chandeliers in Bohemian style designed in harmony with the historic texture of the palace create a perfect match with gold foil applications that are found everywhere in the building’s interior decoration. Best use was made of the classic style of Bohemian chandeliers. The chandeliers were delivered after installation by our company.